So what´s up? A lot!

The most current project is fatbiking. The winters here in Helsinki have been rather wet and there has been very few good ski tracks. This winter I have been therefore focusing on fatbiking. It´s great, No matter how wet or slushy it is you can still ride.

I will do a ski race or two, Finalndia hiihto and maybe Lapponia hiihto but my main focus is Rovaniemi 66. I was planning on riding the 150 but we did not have the funding. Who am I riding with? Jimmy Doyle from Hi5bikes. We have support from Mondraker bikes, we will ride the Panzers (more on that in another post) and the are awesome! Helly Hansen will keep me dry and warm and Blåband will feed us. We are posting  a lot of videos on our facebook page “Tom and Jimmy´s epic adventure” please do follow. The race will take place in Rovaniemi on February the 20th.

Rock on!