It is a well known fact that all pro athletes have a rare kind of alarm-clock, one that doesn´t have that all to flirty snooze button. Because of that they are able to wake up before mere mortals and go training. It seems to be a big part of the pro athlete life to wake up early,work out hard,shower,eat and repeat the cycle t least twice a day. I love working out on a regular basis,but I have always been a more evening work-out kind of person. getting up early and hitting the tracks or gym just doesn´t work for me. I´m hungry,grumpy and stiff in all ligaments. If I go for a run it just feels wrong. On saturday Finland turned it´s time backwards by an hour because of winter-time. This gave me the awesome idea of operation time-warp!!! operation time-warp is my ambition to start working out in the morning,or at least before lunch. It seems like a good idea because then I can squeeze in two sessions a day and besides it seems like a better idea to work out in the morning if you are a notoriously irregular sleeper. Today was day one and I went for a 10k run around 10.30. It wasn´t that bad at all. The autumn weather was really good and so was the running,even though I ran a bit too fast. It also gave a feel of accomplishment to be able to turn my daily rhythm around. I am not going to start running at 4 am like Mike Tyson or at 6am like every career-person who loves to give up the last remnants of a sane life and opportunity to relax. I am simply going to add a pinch of healthy masochism to my training. And enjoy the autumn colors in bright light. TN