No sport is equally as dirty as offroad motoring. A horse-derby surviving dysenteria in pouring rain is a quite clean event when compared to motocross. However some bright headed broadcaster invented indoor motocross to make it more spectacular,viewer-friendly and more…well..super… and so on super-cross was invented and then he rested. Th key ingredient in motocross is the dirt on which the race takes place. The floor on an indoor venue is a plain floor so the dirt has to be shipped in to create a track. As easy as it sounds it couldn´t be further from the truth. I have the honor of presenting the upcoming race so I took a look at the view at the track the other day. There they were bulldozers and truck driving about in a dirty old mess and a fantastic cloud of dust hovered above them. The builders were complaining that the dirt was too muddy and the track was almost impossible to build! I coud not belive what I was hearing, a motocross track that was too muddy?!?!? have we missed the concept here? no, the features of the track were far too soggy so they started mixing in chalk in to the dirt to dry it up resulting in an antique-look on every person and possession in the venue! so there you have it,we will have a dirty track!!! and I AM waiting for the action! Supercross,FMX,super enduro and much more! this week in Messukeskus.