Thanks to the brilliance of social media we are able to see,read,hear and share in almost real-time. And thanks to flatscreens we can consume media content anywhere,the bald man in front of you in the bus could have a tablet fitted in the back of his head,if he would be in the mood of sharing videos of his cat playing the piano. However,somebody has to generate the content,that means owning a cat and a piano,catch the cat in the midst of musical inspiration,film it,edit it and post it.

I prefer to edit on the brand new Final cut pro X,which is loaded with fun features and is very easy to use. It even has a share function with which you can upload the finished product to youtube,nice!(in theory) loading a video straight from FCP is yey! fun! the first minute when everything is going smoothly,the 98% loaded and you´re stuck,this seems to be common. OK,do it old-skool,export the video to QT and upload it to youtube,that works,it´s slow but it works. But then comes the ugly part-youtube processing.Sometimes it takes an hour,which is OK if you are just posting a video of your cat playing the piano and not reporting about a world-news scoop. Then again it can process up to a day! this is my case. I know youtube and google has a whole army of Dilbert-like engineers who look at every darn video before it can be online but how many times do they watch it? seriously!

We were riding in Calpis on sunday and had a awesome time with the guys,naturally I had my Gopro with me and my Canon legria HF21 camera with me to shoot some action,check out the video (if youtube has processed it) TN