Nostalgia is the romance of looking back at things from the past and remembering them fondly. As I was out for a power-walk in the pouring rain trying out Suunto´s new iPhone app(more about that later), wearing technical clothing I came to think of the fact that I don´t have Hipstamatic om my iPhone! My life has been quite satisfactory although, but I felt the need to try this hipster necessity. So I downloaded it along with supr8, a cool app if you are into super-8 film-look. Hipstamatic is quite fun to doodle with! Tech points for that! Then I realized that I have NEVER tried Angry Birds though I am Finnish and watch Conan. I have also never tried Guitar Hero or even Singstar. My life is OK,don´t worry. But I realized that I don´t need those apps because everybody else has them so you get the latest news although I don´t use these thingies. The same thing goes for books,I never read the latest it-book because it will be spoiled in a matter of hours,read it a few years later! That is the case with hipstamatic,the rave is over,the hipsters have something new to doodle with and this anorak can find something to have a “recent nostalgic moment about. Super. TN