It seems needless to say that the snow quantity this year is a mere fraction of the snow we experienced last year,rather a promille of a fraction. We had two major snowfalls that turned into (according to the media)blizzards that halted the traffic. Yes,we were blessed with snow but due to temperatures above freezing and heavy rain we lost all chances of skiing which left us in an arse-paralyzing despair. Many skiers were preparing their skis every day and waiting like anxious dogs in the hallway to get outside and start poling in some milage,sadly that did never happen. Never the less,this horror came to an end,even though all online skitrack-guides claimed that no tracks were prepared and there was no snow we still went for it. We got to Paloheinä where snow-canons were blasting out snow in rapid fire and tractors were driving around the tracks like the monte carlo and would you belive it-people were skiing! the tracks were man (and woman) made wobbly looking lines and the snow was inadequate and the tracks had bald spots which caused a lot of textile-braking to avoid damaging your cherished skis but still, we skied! Now all we have to do is make due of the 1,8k track and keep spinning around it an awful lot to make up our daily 15k of classic skiing,and hopefully avoid getting nauseated by the spinning round and round. TN