The balance of supply and demand is the main key in managing a business. Seasons rule the supply in the sporting-goods industry,meaning sell what people use that season. The demand usually follows hand in hand but case of change in weather the balance gets turned on its head.

The last two winters in Finland have been rich in snow.There have been well-groomed tracks in November and snow–chaos in december. That ment that the skis were flying of the shelves in sporting goods stores. Shopkeepers have been standing empty handed with almost no skis left and ski companies such as Karhu have been churning out skis double-time and still it hasn´t been enough.

This year however has been the complete opposite,the temperature has been well above freezing and the little snow we skiers have been blessed with has melted within hours. What does this do for business? shops have piles of skis,poles,waxes and bindings and no running shoes. This has left me in a tough spot. My favorite Asics gel noosa tri running shoes have become worn out leaving me with poor cushioning and shin splints. So I went off to buy some new ones but the shops didn´t have any running shoes!They had made room for skis since it is winter season. That made me realize that I was in a seasonal junction. What to do? The sporting industry can not change their annual schedules due to fluctuations in weather and I can´t get any shoes. Luckily a friend of mine had a pair of Asics he had bought,tested and noticed they were too small,hopefully they will fit me. Next week off to Saariselkä for an intesive snow week on skis.  TN