Is there anything worse than a dog´s breath? maybe dog farts,but dogs fart far less than they breathe in your face while licking it to show you what an awesome dude you are for scratching just that right place behind its ear. OK,dog breath is terrible,but there is a cure:dental care! you can and should wash a dogs teeth. It is quite a lot like washing an infants teeth. I don´t have kids or a dog but I am a dedicated (and proud) uncle for a 2 year old and a eager dog-sitter for a 5 year old german shepherd called Stella. Last weekend I witnessed something more precise than building a ship in a bottle while curing a hangover during an earthquake, I saw my  brother wash his son´s teeth,kids do not like it. The toddler has a mouth the size of a penny and very small teeth which he sunk into the toothbrush constantly making the hygiene effort hopeless,enough said. Stella had the worse breath in dog-fart history and it was time to give her pearly whites a scrub,first time I tried it. I thought it would be harder than washing an infants collection of teeth but oddly enough Stella was dogging (hahaha)for it! toothbrush and paste comes out and the dog goes bananas! She loved the paste and kept licking it,did not bite and had a minty breath for 10 minutes! Great weekend! don´t forget to floss!