Timecode-error is the forbidden word when it comes to video-editing. Once you get one you are confused for the rest of the day,like me,not in a editing kind of fashion but real-life. I am used to doing long sports-performances and used to having low-blood sugar levels at some point of the day. It has never been a problem,just re-fuel again and off you go. The thing was quite different last Saturday. I woke up in our weekend-house ,had my breakfast as usual and went off to the woods picking mushrooms. After that me and my GF went fishing with our rowboat. When we came to shore and that is where my memory starts to go hazy. According to my GF my speech started getting slurry and my balance was questionable,rather absent. The next thing I know I am on the floor,the phones are ringing and a half-hysterical girlfriend is screaming at me!(for a good reason)Handy enough we had some left-over pasta that I was helped to and my consciousness started coming back again,sweet! I had no idea what had happened the last 15 or so minutes but according to people on the scene I had been glassy eyed,absent,balance lacking and mostly strange. Thank God our helpful neighbor gave us a ride to the ER where the doc took care of me. Cat-scans,blood samples,questioning etc. -the works. The doc´s verdict was: hypoglycemia,oh joy! at first they thought it was something far more severe than just alarmingly low blood-sugar levels. A person who has just eaten should have a level of 9 to 10, I had 3 after just having eaten some first-aid pasta,how is that for carbs? no wonder I had a time-code error. No worries,the doc let me go home and I´m OK,just shaken-up. But lesson learned,don´t skip lunch and have a energy-gel with you while running. TN